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Welcome to McKean County, Pennsylvania!

Smethport Seal McKean County is a rural area in the Northwest portion of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pristine, breathtaking and stunning in all seasons, it's a fisherman's dream and a hunter's paradise deserving accolades for the hills, forests and streams that lie within its boundaries.

Look a little closer and you'll discover that residing within the boundaries of this beautiful area is a hard-working, creative, and enthusiastic people who repeatedly prove that, in good times and bad, they are dedicated to the progress and development of their businesses, community and government.

Flanking the New York border and just 90 miles from the gateway to Canada at the Peace Bridge, McKean County contains a diverse community that is home of "The Zippo Lighter" and boasts of being "The Black Cherry Capital of the World."

McKean County was founded because of its rich and abundant natural resources of oil and timber, both of which continue to provide a significant input to the economy. Today, a thriving university, leading rural medical center, and a number of world class manufacturing companies balance the economy of this distinctive area.

The McKean County government provides a broad range of services to its citizens from its county seat in Smethport. A commission form of government comprised of three elected commissioners are responsible for the effective functioning of a number of departments; Planning, Tax Collection and Children Youth Services to name a few.


The citizens also elect Row Officers that are given specific duties that are outlined in the county code for example; the Treasurer, the Register of Wills, Recorder of Deeds and the Clerk of the Court.

The Judicial stands apart from the other portions of the government. Occupying space in the same building acts as a balance to the other members of government.



The Commission form of Government

The commission form of government rests both executive and legislative powers in the county with the commissioners.

This board of commissioners has put in place a professional staff of individuals that are responsible for the daily effective and efficient delivery of the county services for which these commissioners are responsible.